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African American woman resting on a bed of bluebonnet flowers.

It's More Than Taking a Picture

for me it's magic realism

I began taking pictures as a way of expressing joy in knowing just how lucky I am to still be here, alive, in this beautiful world, among so many wonderful people.

Model posing for a headshot and portrait photoshoot in front of a tree, in the woods at Balcones District Park in Austin, Texas


what sets me apart

The immense gratitude I feel for life and for the world shapes my vision and my approach to taking pictures. What may seem ordinary to others is so extraordinary and magical to me that I am always looking for opportunities to work with clients who desire authenticity and emotion in the images they want taken of themselves

Boudoir photo shoot at the Heart of Texas Motel in Austin.


I can see it

My deep love for life and the sense of wonder I have for the world and for the people around me make it that I could see the miracle that’s in you--that one thing that makes you beautiful and unique.

latina model at a photoshoot at the Russian House of Austin, Texas.

Put My Vision To Work For You!

This sense that drives my vision as an artist who uses a camera as his medium is best summed up by this line from a poem by the Sufi mystic, Rumi: “Every tree and plant in the meadow seemed to be dancing, those which average eyes would see as fixed and still.”

I will see what’s dancing deep in you; allow me to show you.

Self portrait of Eduardo Vega Colon, aka Karma of Dove, at Union Pool in Brooklyn.


I'm Eduardo, an artist and survivor

I began taking pictures in 1986. I dabbled in war photography during my Gulf War deployment. After my military service, I continued taking pictures until my career as a technology consultant took up all of my time. I returned to photography after my career ended shortly after 9/11.

I am not a shoot-and-burn photographer; in my retirement, I want to connect with clients who desire more than just pictures they could carry around on their phones.

In my retirement, I want to put my vision to work for you and create art.



During the shoot I felt comfortable, empowered, creative and sensual. I was ready to do another shoot immediately and we will forever be friends. It was a wonderful experience and for someone who is a mom getting to put myself to be queen for the day was amazing and I can't wait to work with you again

Boudoir model posing inside a room at a luxury hotel in Austin, Texas

Adrianna F.

Eduardo is awesome! We had such a fun, creative shoot! Can’t wait to shoot with him again.

Woman posing in boudoir in an abandoned bus at Sekrit Theater in Austin

Lesley P.

He was great, really built a connection and was easy to speak too as well as get amazing shots! Wonderful overall experience always have a fun time working with him because of how creative and driven he is. Would for sure want to work with him again

Austin street portraits along Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas with Alicia. Paramount Theater marquee in the background.

Alicia B.

Amazing photographer! He delivers great work! Truly recommended!

Model in traditional african dress posing for a portrait photo shoot at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum, also known as the LBJ Presidential Library, on a hot summer's day.

Jovie B.

I love how Eduardo made me feel empowered and comfortable during the shoot, he truly was a pleasure to work with and I recommend him.

Portrait of a young Latina model in Houston, Texas.

Stacy G.




The space you live in with your loved ones is rarely ever captured. The feeling of your routine at a specific time in life is a fond memory.

Unique in its style, in-home sessions are intimate and the perfect way to remember such moments in your lives.



Working with you, I can create a series of portraits for either editorial or lifestyle purposes.

This option is also for the graduating high school or college senior who, after all the hard work, wants the model treatment to commemorate their milestone.

Most of all, this is a great option for those who need a new, refreshing self-portrait!

Need something else? Inquire below for my availability!



For the woman who wants to celebrate herself after enduring a challenge and winning.

For the womanwho wants to capture a moment in her life just before she’s set to give birth.

For the woman who works hard, caring for loved ones, often at her own expense.

We are here for you. This one is for you.

My partner, Vivian Fonseca, and I will cater to you throughout your session, and you will be reminded of the queen you are.
Woman posing in boudoir in an abandoned bus at Sekrit Theater in Austin


Let's chat!!!

Your boudoir photography session begins with a phone/video or in-person consult with us at a location of your convenience. We will use this time to talk about 'the why's,' and how our vision will be able to answer your why's through photography. We will also talk outfits, practice poses, and answer any questions you have. Feel free to bring a list of questions with you, any outfits you're considering and any ideas you might have in mind.

Boudoir model posing inside a room at a luxury hotel in Austin, Texas


Sessions start at $149

The day of your shoot, we will start by laying out all of your outfits and narrowing them down to the most flattering ones for your body. Don't worry about knowing how to pose or what to do... Vivian and I will direct you. Your session will last anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes. When all the fun is over, you will leave the session with the biggest confidence boost of your life and images to show you how gorgeous, sexy and desirable you are!

The session fee does not cover the cost of securing a beautiful location such as a hotel room or Airbnb.

Please let us know if you have a space in mind already (such as your home or a space belonging to a friend.)

Model posing for a boudoir and portrait photoshoot at Sekrit Theater in Austin, Texas.


Products start at $395

Approximately 7-14 days after your boudoir session, we will invite you back for your image reveal and ordering appointment. After you're done with falling in love with yourself, we will help you select your final images and go over groupings that will look beautiful together in one of our luxurious albums, on your walls or pick all your favorites for the beautiful USB drive.

Ready for a boudoir session? Or a portrait session that's within your comfort zone?
Fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Let's chat!
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